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Outsourcing Web Hosting Support

Most web hosting providers begin by providing support themselves or with a few key employees when they begin. However, soon they outgrow that mode and that is the time they have to take the call of either setting up support in-house with employees working 24×7 or finding a good partner to outsource their support needs to. Hosting service providers have to consider several aspects carefully before implementing hosting support in-house. A significant amount of time, money and efforts has to be invested, without compromising on the focus on the core business of selling web hosting services. Limitations in terms of money and space are major roadblocks for in house support, so it isn’t a practical choice for most of the hosting service providers. In this article we’ll shed light on 6 of the most obvious reasons why it makes sense to outsource.

We are a group of passionate young entrepreneurs with an interest in design, telemarketing, IT services and customer service, who have decided to join forces and offer a unique platform for outsourcing services. We are based in Pristina, Kosovo, and we offer outsourcing services worldwide – in a variety of different industries.

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