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Our highly skilled, motivated and passionate team represents your company, making sure you never miss a scheduling opportunity.

We set your business appointments, you close the deals.

We believe that when it comes to promising businesses, client care should start as soon as someone picks up the phone.

✔  Save money

✔  Gain time

✔  Get access to skilled expertise

✔  Improve your overall productivity

✔  Increase in-house efficiency

✔  Additional profit even during off season and holiday months

✔  Surpass competitors who have not yet realized the benefits of outsourcing


of the journey is complete before a buyer interacts with a sales representative


of the sales representative's time is spent looking for somebody to call


of sales go to the vendor that responds first


of prospects want to see how your product works on the first call


of buyers want to discuss pricing on the first call

Sales Funnel

We here at Getoutsourced love working with all types of size businesses. We thrive on building sustainable and lasting relationships with customers as well as leads. We can help start-up companies to fully develop their sales process and help them get them over the line. We will integrate ourselves fully into your company – essentially placing ourselves as an extension of your business. By getting under the surface of your company, we can learn everything that we can to best represent your product or service. Our campaigns works really well with any business type, as we can warm the lead up by qualifying and setting the appointment for the sales director and then move them immediately onto them becoming a full sales lead.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and we specialize in high performance B2B telemarketing campaigns – shoot us an email today at [email protected] to find out more about how our expertise can help your business grow.


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We realize that not all clients are the same. We work with you to customize a program to meet your business needs.

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