We take security very seriously.

At Getoutsourced, we’ve taken measures to make sure there is no data breach or exposure.

We use Eset NOD32 antivirus.

You can’t be too careful, even if you’re a technician and know how things work. Due to that we use Eset NOD32 as our antivirus.

We log everything.

Everytime a technician logs in, executes any command and logs out, the exact time and the exact command is logged on a log file where the technician has no access to audit it.

How we connect to your server.

The technician’s SSH key is stored in our in-house server. The technician has to connect to our in-house server, in order to connect to your server, every time using a 2FA authentication. Anytime a technician leaves us, we just have to remove its SSH key.

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