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How to migrate cPanel accounts

cPanel provides a tool that you can use to transfer from cPanel to cPanel, from one server to another. This is a very powerful tool in that it makes moving from one cPanel server to another into a very simple process. Keep in mind that any configuration files that are affected by the change will still need to be changed. This tutorial walks you through the steps for the transfer process.

Let’s migrate!

1. Log into WHM as root in the server you’re going to transfer the accounts.

2. Navigate to Transfer Tool.

3. In the Remote Server Address section type the server’s IP address or hostname.

4. The default SSH port is 22, however that is usually changed due to security reasons, run the command below to find it:

sudo grep Port /etc/ssh/sshd_config

In the  Authentication section there are 2 steps, see below:

1. On the login, Press the user Root

2. Type the root Password

Please note that hardened servers usually allow SSH connections only via SSH Keys, we’ve shown the steps on how to setup a connection in that type of connection below.

For server that allow SSH connections only via SSH keys, see steps below:

1) Login into the Receiving server and execute the command below to generate the RSA KEY

ssh-keygen -t rsa

2) Than you need to copy that generated key into the LIVE server, so your new server can connect, to get the key, execute the command:

less /root/.ssh/id_rsa.pub

3)Login into the LIVE server and paste the new server’s key, into the authorized key file.

nano /root/.ssh/authorized_keys

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