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Contabo is a German hosting provider, previously known by the name Giga-International. It’s mainly focusing on advanced Virtual Private Server (VPS), Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS), and dedicated server hosting.

Collected data:

We’ve gone through most of the customer reviews on online review platforms, the results are below:

Our personal experience.

As mentioned above, we’ve been through most of the reviews on Trustpilot and found out that there are mixed reviews between good and fast responding staff, a few reviews say that the support is slow and unresponsive and most of the reviews say that the support is top notch and fast responding.

What we noticed is that many of the bad reviews had stated that the DDOS protection was not as promised and a simple DDOS could bring the server down.

We didn’t trust any of the reviewers and decided to test their service ourselves.

We went and bought a VPS, the package called: VPS L which offers 8 vCPUs, 30GB Ram, 200GB NVME or 800GB SSD, 32TB traffic (unlimited for incoming traffic) at 1GB/s speed, this surprised us as many hosts do not offer even the half of the resources for that price.

We went on to test their support, we caused a cPanel licensing issue by changing the hostname more then 3 times, we did that and contacted Contabo support, we had the pleasure talking to Jan Söntgen, he approached us in a professional matter, we explained the issue we were facing.

He understood it and went on to explain that the issue wasn’t caused directly by Contabo, however it was a bug from cPanel which we were aware of, cPanel’s licensing system doesn’t like when the hostname is changed very often and it makes the license invalid, you’ve to contact cPanel and then they will do the rest.

Jan even apologized (for a issue he and the company he was representing didn’t cause, it was caused by us).

He told us that he will get started with this immediately, he raised a ticket with cPanel whilst still being with us on the phone.

Even though it was cPanel’s licensing system bug and caused by us he once more apologized and told us “We are sorry you’re experiencing this, its a cPanel issue but we will take care of this, as you didn’t buy a server at cPanel but at Contabo, stay assured we will deal with it”.

So far the customer service was one of the best we’ve experienced, the issue had been fixed within a few hours, as they had to wait for cPanel to log into our server and check the license issue.

However, we had asked them to setup the hostname in our regard, they did that within 30 minutes.

We were impressed by their support and the pricing, we thought to ourselves there should be a catch somewhere.

Maybe the DDOS protection is bad? So we went ahead and setup the server, transferred our site which contains this review you’re reading now to that server, moderately hardened it, the server has been up for more then 20 days and we’ve not seen anything major, the BW and monitoring tools we use to monitor our servers show the same as in the old server.

We’ve not been hit from any DDOS, or we might have been, but it was mitigated.

As a company that offers Support for Web Hosting companies, IT Support, Server Management, WordPress management we think that the DDOS attacks could have happened to the reviewers, but we also think that if you are on an unmanaged server and you get DDOS-ed resulting the server’s services to go down its mostly your fault, as on unmanaged plans, the companies duty is hardware and network stability, you’re the one who needs to secure the server by hardening it, monitoring it, setting up backups internally and offsite.

So, you got your server, but don’t know which web panel to choose?

cPanel vs Plesk
How to install cPanel?
How to harden a cPanel server?
How to install Plesk on CentOS 7?
How to harden a Plesk server running on Linux?
How to install CyberPanel and harden it?


Platform overview


Contabo is one of the best web hosting providers when it comes to pricing, we will be comparing pricing with another web hosting provider:

Contabo pricing

Hetzner Pricing

As seen in the above screenshots, Hetzner is far behind from Contabo when it comes to pricing and the resources offered for that price.

Datacenter locations
Contabo has many datacenters around the world, their datacenters are located in Germany, United States (Central), United States (East), United States (West), Asia (Singapore).

Storage Options

When you order a server at Contabo, you have 2 options, SSD or NVMe, in some storage servers that you can order you might also see HDD drives.

Multiple images to choose from



Contabo offers plenty of bandwidth, however port speed changes from packages to package, their speed is from 100Mbit/s to 1Gbit/s.

Package addons

They also have extra addons for each of their servers, you can order:
2)Server Management.
3)Server Monitoring.
4)SSL Certificates.
5)Server Setup.
6)Additional Drives (VDS, Dedicated Server) 
7)NVME Storage Extension (VPS) 
8)Additional IP addresses 
9)Additional Webspace 

If you are a non technical person but require a server, then we fully recommend the backup and server management options.

Client Area (Control Panel)



Contabo doesn’t seem to use WHMCS such as many web host do, in their case the seem to have a custom made Control Panel, which is very organized and pretty straight forward, and in some cases you’ve more control than in other hosts, for example you can change the RDNS setup from within the control panel, in other web hosts you don’t have control over that and you have to raise a support ticket for that to be changed.

Uptime has been great, the server was never down, its been up 100% of the time. We ourselves have rebooted the server 4 times to apply updates and config changes.


The most dramatic change for the good we’ve seen in this review was performance, as seen in the tests above, our website was loading in 5.5 seconds at the old host and now loads at 1.6. Considering that we were in a VPS package in the old host too means that Contabo’s network and hardware is quick!

Our Rating

Customer Service

Server Performance


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