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AlmaLinux And Full cPanel Support

When it was announced in late 2020 that CentOS 8 would reach its end-of-life in December of 2021, both the open source and web hosting worlds were understandably taken a bit by surprise.

With that in mind, cPanel LLC announced that cPanel & WHM® version 94 will fully support AlmaLinux immediately upon its launch date (March 30, 2021). Being day 1 partners with AlmaLinux is not only a testament to their close working relationship with CloudLinux, but also the beginning of a significant partnership moving forward. You can expect the same high level of quality support from cPanel & WHM as they provided (and continue to provide) for CentOS.

What Is AlmaLinux?

AlmaLinux can somewhat be considered a natural evolution of CentOS, which itself was derived from RedHat Linux. CloudLinux is included in this lineage as well, and the fact that all of these distributions originated from RedHat makes AlmaLinux an ideal replacement for CentOS at this time.

CloudLinux created AlmaLinux to facilitate a clear path forward, and we have found that AlmaLinux does essentially work as a “drop-in” replacement for CentOS. 

What This Means For You

cPanel, seems to have promised that they will do a paid upgrade from CentOS servers to AlmaLinux servers running cPanel.

You might ask your self why AlmaLinux, their response was “we investigated other Linux distributions and found AlmaLinux to be a wise choice for most users who currently enjoy CentOS”.

Also cPanel, told us that they will avoid using 1 Linux distribution in the future, to avoid working as a single point of failure, such as they did with CentOS, they told us that they will add support for Ubuntu TLS. 

You can check the original cPanel blog by clicking here.

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